How To Remove Grape Jelly With Carpet Steam Cleaning

Do you have “food never leaves the kitchen” or are you loose enough about people who eat or drink in places where the carpet is installed, the possibility of an accident is still possible? When it comes to grape jam and jelly, the biggest violator is a small toddler. They will use a delicious sticky substance as finger paint, coincidentally or intentionally, and stains wherever they happen.

Another situation naturally can occur when these delicious substances finally tarnish your carpet. In an effort to help you get rid of grapes jelly and traffic from the carpet before becoming an unlimited stain, you will need to do carpet steam cleaning. Here, in this article, we are sharing some methods to remove grapes jelly with carpet steam cleaning.

carpet steam cleaning
carpet steam cleaning

How to remove grape jelly with carpet steam cleaning?

  1. Immediate action: Removing something from the carpet is way too easier if it is being removed quickly or immediately. You should not let the grape jelly sit on your carpet. The carpet steam cleaning tip to remove grape jelly from the carpet is to take immediate action, use a knife to lift the jelly and after that wipe the liquid with a paper towel.
  2. Stain removal tips: Another carpet steam cleaning tip is not to use hot water. You can use mild warm water but not extremely hot either the stain will settle down on the carpet. Also, avoid scraping or rubbing your carpet either the stain will spread onto the other areas of the carpet. And, before using any solution try it on the smaller area of the carpet to check for side effects or you may end up fading the color of your carpet. If you have never done carpet steam cleaning before, then hiring an expert will be a good decision.
  3. Don’t overwet the carpet: You should never make your carpet over wet. Always use water lightly for carpet steam cleaning. Excessive use of water can shrink your carpet. So, keep in mind not to overwet your carpet while removing grape jelly from the carpet.
  4. Treat stain: Pretreat the stains using Dry Wet Carpets. Or else make your own mixture with dish soap and cold water. This DIY solution works very well in carpet steam cleaning and removes stains of substances like grape jelly very easily.
  5. Blot, don’t rub the stain: Well, the last tip we have in the list of carpet steam cleaning is don’t rub the stain instead blot it. When you rub the stain, it spreads all over the surrounding area of the carpet as well as it damages your carpet fibers. Whereas blotting gently removes the stains without causing any damage to your carpet. For blotting and removing the stain using a white clean cloth or dry paper towel.


So, these are some of the tips to remove grape jelly out of the carpet safely with carpet cleaning. Follow the article and do as discussed above, you will be able to remove the grape jelly stain from your carpet.